Monday, June 30, 2014

Crayons To Perfume Girls of the Week: Nichole and Monique of Les Surfs - the Madagascar Movers!

Les Surfs were a family group - brothers and sisters in the Rabaraona family from Madagascar. Nichole and Monique were the only girls in the group, and began their carriers at a very young age - just 7 and 8 years old when they won a television singing contest. This led them on a tour of Madagascar.
In 1963, the group, now named Les Surfs played on French television, and they became very popular covering English pop songs in French. As they toured, they went to Spain and Italy - again, recording popular American (mainly) songs in other languages. The group was tight and classy, wearing the latest fashions and appealing to people of all ages.
By the late 60's the Rabaraona family were getting married and having children, so they decided to end the band. Eventually most of the family emegrated to Canada.

Les Surfs left behind a great string of  hits -  including this EP, with 'Shoop shoop va l'embrasser', fab version of  'It's In His Kiss'.

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