Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Long Way To Be Happy: tracks originally unreleased

1 Darlene Love: A Long Way To Be Happy
2 Big Maybelle: Ocean Of Tears
3 Johnny & The Hurricanes: The Dribble Twist
4 The Everly Brothers: Mr. Soul
5 Pete Best Combo: I Don't Know Why I Do
6 Duane Eddy: Mirriam
7 Ebah: I Am Gonna Unmask The Batman
8 Bonnie & The Treasures: I Just Want To Be Your Girl
9 Bonnie & The Treasures: Tell Me In The Sunlight
10 The Ronettes: Paradise
11 Shadow Morton: Dressed In Black
12 The Ad Libs: The Slime
13 The Coasters: The Slime
14 Eddie & Ernie: Lay Lady Lay
15 Donovan & Lulu: What A Beautiful Creature You Are
16 Cab Calloway: Smoking Reefers
17 Sir Douglas Quintet: Isabella
18 The Souvenirs: Voodoo Love
19 Johnnie Ray: Ooh! Aah! Oh! (This Is Love)
20 Don Woody: Morse Code
21 Doris Day: Coffee, Cigarettes And Memories
22 The Mellows: I'm Gonna Pick Your Teeth With An Icepick
23 The Mellows: So Strange
24 The Monkees: Kicking Stones
25 The Bee Gees: Dear Mr. Kissinger
26 The Stooges: Lost In The Future
27 Bobby Fuller Four: It's Love, Come What May
28 Frank Wilson: Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
29 Barbara McNair: Baby A Go-Go
30 The Jayhawks: The Devil's Cousin
31 The Mynah Birds: Go On And Cry
32 The Mynah Birds: It's My Time
33 Barbara Mercer: Happiness Is Here
34 Len Barry: I'll Always Need You
35 Linda Gail Lewis: Ain't Nothing Shakin'
36 The Heartbreakers: Ain't Nothin' Shakin'
37 Stan Vincent with The Del Satins: Angel By My Side
38 The Beach Boys: I Do
39 The Beau Brummels: Gentle Wandering Ways
40 The Coolbreezers: The Other Night
41 The Kool Gents: Phoebe
42 Helen Raymond: My Kid's A Crooner
43 The Ronettes: Here I Sit
44 Little Miss Peggy with The Bill Parker Band: Yellow Pants (And Blue Suede Shoes)
45 Bonniwell Music Machine: Dark White