Monday, August 25, 2014

Crayons To Perfume's Girl Of The Week, Those Shubee Surf Bunnies! Part of our all-girl SURFER SPECIAL!

The Surf Bunnies originally started as the Desirays, but the surfing bug was spreading, and the trio decided to become blondes and hop on the surfin' wagon.

There's very few photos of the band, so this fab 45 on Dot will have to suffice!

You can check out more of the Surf Bunnies, along with a bevvy of bikini bustin' babes on Crayons To Perfume's all girl surfin' special! #7 It's a whole hour of wailin' wahinis with Annette, The Honeys, Kay Bell, and such unlikely surfers as the Orlons and the Feetwoods - it's jam packed with less talk and more rock!

-Crayons to Perfume is a weekly show hosted by Glynis Ward, dj girlgroupgirl. Just do a blog search on Crayons to Perfume and you'll find the rest of our shows, for your listening pleasure now, or later!


Anonymous said...

Thanks but wrong link posted


Anonymous said...

Thanks for correcting the post. Enjoying the selections- feeling the waves without getting wet.