Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vocal Group 45 of the Week!

Well, that wraps up the vocal group 45 of the week series. Hope you dug it. If you missed one, I will be posting the full CD to download in the coming weeks. Tentative title; Bottle Up and Go Do the Hunch!
Special thanks to Rex Doane for hipping me to a lot of these amazing sides...


Anonymous said...

Thank you. It was wonderful. Looking forward to series 2 :-)

This reminded me of Billy Ward and his Dominoes "The Bells" but after listening to both I am now emotionally drained and need to lie down.

GirlGroupGirl said...

10 thumbs up! T'was a great series

Unknown said...

este es un temazo del demonio. gracias

Anonymous said...

Ay Ay Ay ! Fab!