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Monday, October 20, 2014

Crayons To Perfume Girls of the Week are Pili Y Mili!

Spanish teenage twin sisters, Pili and Mili are the Crayons To Perfume's girls of the week! The girls became actresses quite by accident - they were discovered just by being themselves by Nicol Blanchery who was enchanted by their likeness and their humor. The girls learned to dance, sing and act enough to star as precocious sisters who constantly have mistaken identities which lead to silly, fun adventures. They starred in 10 films during the 60's with titles like "Twin Pistols", "Two Crazy Girls" and "Whiskey and Vodka", which you can watch, below.

Crayons To Perfume 13 not only celebrates Pili & Mili who left us with two great songs, but many 60's girl groups with twins and sisters like the Ronettes, Shangri-Las, Pattie Bersaudara, The Honeys and The Pleasure Seekers!

-make sure you join us next Monday morning for our all girl Halloween Special - an hour of frantically ferocious females!

Pili Y Mili – Si Tu Estas Cerca
Pili Y Mili – Un Chico Moderno
The Peanuts: Rock ‘n Roll Music
Les Jumelles L’embouteillage
Shangri-Las: Wishing Well
Les Chéries - Mais qui que quoi donc où
The Joy Sisters: Big John
Candy & The Kisses: C’mon Let The Good Times Roll
The Sisters: Ooh Poo Pa Do
Pattie Bersaudara - What Am I Supposed To Do
las robin - no te alejes
Sandra & sharon hey bird
The Angels: Wow Wow Wee, He’s The Boy For me
The Honeys: The One You Can’t Have
The Dixie Cups: I’m Gonna Get You Yet
The Ronettes: He Did It
The Velvelettes: He Was Really Saying Something
The Pleasure Seekers: Elevator Express
The Mama Cats: Miss You
Honey Ltd: Come Down Live
The Luv’d Ones: I’m Feelin’ Fine
The Clinger Sisters: Bread & Butter
The Heartbeats: Little Latin Lupe Lu

The Dilly Sisters: Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White
Background: Sandy Nelson, What’d I Say

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