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Monday, October 27, 2014

Crayons To Perfume's Girl of the Week is the Madame witch, Janie Jones!

Janie Jones is our most controversial Girl of the Week at Crayons to Perfume! Janie was a 20 “something” year old singer from England who released a string of novelty songs in the 60’s. Janie kicked off her career by appearing at a film premiere in a topless dress in 1964.
In 1967 she released Witches Brew – the significance is not lost – because in Janie’s life, there was certainly something brewing! After her follow of Witch In White, Janie turned from her singing to a new hobby (she quit singing due to a payola scandal where she offered herself as payment!) – as a Madam! She was jailed during the 70’s for the crime of controlling prostitution. In jail she met the accused murderess Myra Hindley who became her jail time companion.

Janie Jones was also married to John Christian Dee, the author of the Pretty Things Don’t Bring Me Down and she sang with the Clash as Janie Jones & The Lash on the 80’s release “House of the JuJu Queen”. Her autobiography is called The Devil and Miss Jones.

Here's Janie singing 1968's 'The Time Has Come'

Crayons To Perfume Show 14 features Janie, along with host of other girls who are celebrating all things Halloween, and all things girl with us!

Janie Jones: Witches Brew
Janie Jones: Go Go Away From Me
Janie Jones: Witch In White
Jun Mayuzumi: Black Room
Marie Laforet Paint It Black
Renee Martel: Noir c’est Noir
Les Plan├Ętes Mon ami noir
Candy Johnson Show: Baby what You Want Me To Do
The Lollipops: Big Brother
Chordettes: Lollipop
The Candies: Yes I Love You
The Teardrops: Bubble Gummer
The Candy Girls: Run
Nicole Paquin - Mon Mari C'est Frankenstein My husband is frankenstein
Christine Pilzner: Dracula
The Crystals: The Frankenstein Twist
The Sham-ettes: Big Bad Wolf
Zuma: Night of the Sadist
LaVerne Baker: Voodoo VooDoo
Nancy Sit: Love Potion #9
Jeannie Thomas: You’re The Root OF My Evil
Wool: The Witch
Fabulous Frauliens: Practice of Evil
Background: The Frantics Werewolf


Anonymous said...

please repost in stereo as the channel is missing. thanks great show!

GirlGroupGirl said...

apparently the ghosts and goblins are playing tricks and not treats on Crayons to Perfume this week. It for some reason is only in mono! I've tried to correct the missing channel but no go.

So it's back to mono for Halloween and hopefully back to stereo next show!!!

Anonymous said...

the goblins must have played another trick on yo as The Lollpipops from Denmark sound like girls but actually are (young) boys! For the rest, huge compliments for a cool and most entertaining series. Keep up your great work!

Michael Vee - Italy

GirlGroupGirl said...

The Lollipops song I played was released on RCA records, produced by American producer Joe Rene so I'm assuming that these Lollipops are the same as the ones who recorded other records on RCA - like Busy Signal which is one of my all time fave records! They were a girl group, but I've found out nothing about them other than that they were perhaps from the LA area. On the other hand, I LOVE the Denmark lil' Lollipops - who can resist kids singing garage and beat! Start 'em off young!!!