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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello Josephine, do you like the Fringe Factory?

We start todays show with the Scorpions, the UK beat band who found success abroad with 'Hello Josephine' and today's kick off, 'Just Like Me'. Listen to our whole one hour Fringe Factory here!

The Scorpions: Just Like Me
Cuby & The Blizzard: Your Body, Not Your Soul
Jimmy Page: She Just Satisfies
The Orangu-Tones: Santa’s Comin’
The Kongsmen: Karate Monkey
The Shandells: Go Go Gorilla
Watchchildren: Salvador Dali’s Still Dying
The 49th Parallel: Close The Barn Door
Phluph: Elliptical Machine
The Bo Weevils: You Drive Me Wild
We The People: Mirror Of Your Mind
The Cobras: I Wanna Be Your Love
The Red Squares: You Can Be My Baby
Les Symptmes: Zij Liet Me Staak
The Matches: Little Boy
The Sound Reasons: Till The End of Time
The Bit A Sweet: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
The Seeds: Try TO Understand
The Youth: Bubblegum
The Satelliter’s: I’m A No Count
The Slit Signals: You Bring Me Down
Knee Jerk Reactions: Give In To Temptation
In the background
Crazy Elephant: Space Buggy

stay tuned for the live version of the Fringe Factory Radio Show coming soon at 8pm on Wednesdays, on the WFMU Ichiban stream - tune in, and turn on to interact with our dj's Vikki V, Richard Whig and Glynis Ward while they play for you all the platters that matter!