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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Fringe Factory Radio Show: We All Love Peanut Butter!

It's national peanut butter lovers month, and to celebrate such a sticky situation we've kicked out the jams! Click here to listen to the Fringe Factory's third show for WFMU's Rock'n'Soul Ichiban!

Dig the lykes of:
The Missing Links: Wild About You
The Mourning Reign: Satisfaction Guaranteed
Dr. Specs Optical Illusion: Trying' To Mess My Mind
The Vindicators: Searchin' For My Baby
The Neumans: So Long
The Ar-Kaics: She Does Those Things To Me
The Dave Clark V: Maze Of Love
The Dukes: The Dentist
The Southern Sound: Just The Same As You
The Five Sounds: Peanut Butter
The Greenhornes: High Time Baby
The High Learys: Idolize Your Woman
The Castels: Save A Chance
Fortune & Maltese: Lets All Go To The Science Fair
The Music Machine: See See Rider
Clefs of Lavender Hill: Stop, Get A Ticket
The Mystreated: You Better Run
The Bell Towers: She's Gone
The Sunrays: I Live For The Sun
The Chesterfield Kings: Top Down Time
The Routes: Hang 11
The Jam: Somethings Gone
Background: The Ventures

-The Fringe Factory are Vikki V, Richard Whig and Glynis Ward, you can find us on Facebook. Like us, we take requests!
if you feel the need to check out our Ichiban archive, you can find it here!


Anonymous said...

While both Fringe Factory and Crayons To Perfume are at the same bitrate (128kbps) as WFMU radio shows and live stream... both of these shows sound terrible... "swirly" lossy like satellite radio.

I want to listen to these shows, but give up because the quality is so bad.

Debbie D said...

They sound fine to me, anonymous. Maybe it's your computer?