Monday, November 3, 2014

This week, Crayons to Perfume is IN TROUBLE! GIRL TROUBLE! with our Girl of the Week, Linda Flavell Scott!!

Little is known about our girl of the week, Linda (Flavell, as she was known in the US) Scott except for a handful of rather obscure girl pop 45's. Linda is however best known for her version of 'The Trouble With Me Is You' - our theme for this week!
As far as I know, Linda stopped recording in 1969, and here's one of her last releases, 'You Wanted Me To Be Your Baby' which to me sounds a bit like Lulu's later 60's material.

Now, check out the rest of our troubled girls on this week's Crayons To Perfume show 15

Linda Flavel Scott: The Trouble of Me Is You
Linda Flavel Scott: You Made A Fool Of Me
Linda Flavel Scott: Sweet Sweet Reason
Ginny Arnell: Trouble’s Back In Town
Little Eva: The Trouble With Boys
Lada Edmund Dr. Trouble (is his middle name)
The Rev-Lons: Boy Trouble
The Chiffons: My Boyfriends Back
Diane Renay: Troublemaker
Girl In Trouble Trailer
The Charmers: Looking for Trouble
Ikettes: Trouble On My Mind
The Angelos: Bad Motorcycle
Carole King: He’s A Bad Boy
The Angels: The Guy With The Black Eye
Reparata & The Delrons: The Kind of Trouble That I love
The Pussycats: Dressed In Black
The Shangri las: Leader Of The Pack
Suzy Cope: Juvenile Deliquent
The Chicks: The Rebel Kind
The Man-Eaters: Get Off The Road
The Girls: Chico’s Girl
The White Boots: Nightmare
Background: Davie Allan & The Arrows: Sulkin


garido said...

gee, i think you are still only broadcasting on one channel! maybe at least one earlier session was only on one side?

Anonymous said...

While both Fringe Factory and Crayons To Perfume are at the same bitrate (128kbps) as WFMU radio shows and live stream... both of these shows sound terrible... "swirly" lossy like satellite radio.

I want to listen to these shows, but give up because the quality is so bad.