Friday, December 26, 2014

Scalping Party

1 Johnny Fortune: Soul Surfer
2 Christine Kittrell: Evil-Eyed Woman
3 Diamond Joe: Moanin' And Screamin'
4 The Creel Sisters: Stop The Clock Rock
5 Ronnie Bird: Cheese (Lies)
6 Steve & The Holidays: German Measles
7 The Marcels: Summertime
8 Ray Peterson with Shorty Rogers' Orch.: Fever
9 The Bad Boys: It's More Like Voodoo
10 Ervin ''Big Boy'' Groves: Bucket O Blood
11 Melvin Gayle: Khruschev Twist
12 Connie Francis: Batman
13 Dara Puspita: A Go Go
14 Little Red & The Rocking Hoods: Rock Pebbles Rock
15 Jo Ann Miller: Wham Bam
16 Louis Jordan: Ofay And Oxford Gray
17 Ray Scott: The Prayer
18 Sheila Wilkerson with El Conjunto Azul: Baby Your A Jive Cat
19 Woody & Dave: Sweet Potato
20 Magnificent Monta-Gue: The Breather
21 Maurice Willams & The Zodiacs: College Girl
22 Lyn Tait & The Jets: Something Stupid
23 The Galens: Baby I Do Love You
24 Beverly Ann Gibson: Love's Burning Fire
25 The Tornados: Scalping Party


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GirlGroupGirl said...

Excellent! Thank-you!!!