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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Fringe Factory's New Years Eve Freak-Out! 8pm tonite!!

The Fringe Factory Freaks-Out your New Years Eve with our insane selections of 60's garage, modern era groovy groups, psychedelia, freakbeat, frat-rock, r&b - a full hour of mayhem to get you in the party mood! You can find us HERE 8pm each Wednesday - and LISTEN HERE for the New Years show!
Happy New Year from Vikki V, Glynis Ward and Richard Whig!


Unknown said...

I also enjoyed music from couple of christian rock bands out there and they really made my New year celebration. It was really fun to be out there. I was there with my friends.

Sammy-lou said...

When I heard that song by The Loot, "Radio City", I wondered if it was some lost recording by The Who, circa 1967/8! And the Lord Sutch freak-out is just sublime. I was lucky enough to receive Screaming Lord Sutch's "Rock & Horror" LP for Christmas - the perfect antidote to silly season schmaltz... Love your show, guys! xx