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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CITIZEN FREAKOUT with the Fringe Factory at 8pm!

Tonight The Fringe Factory has a KILLER lineup starting with those Frozen Freaks - the 49th Parallel, and we don't stop until we get to the latest track from Switzerland! Join the insanity for an hour, from 8-9pm tonight, right HERE - open the text link for all streams and find Ichiban! click the link for playlist and comments and you can join us in the chat room!

Crayons to Perfume! Girls of the week, the Pixies Three are throwing a PARTY!

The Pixies Three are throwing a party, and you're invited! Our party girls start the tater mashing at 7pm and don't stop until 8, and you can listen to it all, HERE! - just look for the link that says all streams, open it to find the Ichiban stream and another link that says playlist and comments - see what we're playing and even join in the party!

coming in March, WFMU will be holding it's annual pledge marathon and Crayons to Perfume! has added an extra treat for our listeners! Pledge $20 or more and you get some great WFMU stickers, $50 and you get a super cool t-shirt and $75 gets you a choice of DJ premiums...Crayons to Perfume! has created FROZEN FELINES .... 26 tracks of rare and obscure, mostly not re-issued CANADIAN KITTENS - 60's Canadian girls and girl groups! GIRL GROUP LOVERS YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS ANYWHERE ELSE! So please help support the best free form station in the Nation by offering us up a little love.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Evolution Revolution

Blind Date (2:05)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Fringe Factory is Buzzin' Like A Hornets Nest!

Curtis Knight starts the Fringe Factory hive a BUZZIN' tonite with the help of Jimi Hendrix on guitar, in our fuzz filled hour featuring the Phroggs, Groep Reza, Giant Robots, The Third Bardo plus bands from Japan, Canada, Switzerland, the UK, and more! It's all HERE at 8pm and you can join us at look for "NOW PLAYING" and the Ichiban stream, then click the text link to Playlist and Comments to join us in the chat room!

Crayons To Perfume! Girls of the Week are the Shangri-las!!!

Last week, Crayons to Perfume! was all about love...but oh, oh! This week it's all about heartbreak and heartache...The Shangri-las lead us through the tempest of teenage trials along with Jackie de Shannon, Dean Cannon, Gloria Jones, Les Scarabees and the rest of the girls!

Click HERE at 7pm, and then head on over to, scroll down a bit under the title image to see the Ichiban Stream and links that appear shortly after 7pm leading you to our live playlist and chat room! Join me!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mission: Impossible

1 Sarah Vaughan: Peter Gunn
2 Barbara Acklin: Am I The Same Girl (= "Soulful Strut")
3 Eddie Rambeau: Summertime Guy (= "Newlywed Game theme")
4 Johnny Mathis: Midnight Cowboy
5 Gary Glitter: Rock And Roll (pt. 1)
6 Richard Anthony: Take Five
7 Claudine Longet: Sleep Safe And Warm (= "Rosemary's Baby" theme)
8 Lorne Greene: Bonanza
9 Sammy Davis, Jr.: You Can Count On Me (= "Hawaii Five-0" theme)
10 Sonny James: Apache
11 Tommy Leonetti: Walk Don't Run
12 Cliff Nobles: Love Is All Right (= "The Horse")
13 Free Design: A Man And A Woman
14 Kathy Kirby: Spanish Flea
15 The Hands Of Time: Blue's Theme
16 Bobby Rydell: The Cha Cha Cha (= "Rinky Dink")
17 Pat Boone: Baby Elephant Walk
18 Darla Hood: My Quiet VIllage
19 We Five: Cast Your Fate To The Wind
20 The Supremes: Sleepwalk
21 Ann-Margret: My Last Date
22 Little Anthony & The Imperials: Exodus Song
23 Frankie Laine: Misirlou
24 Bobby Rydell: Telstar
25 Andy Williams: Music To Watch Girls By
26 Nichelle NIchols: Star Trek Theme
27 Andy Williams: Stranger On The Shore
28 Tamiko Jones & Herbie Mann: A Man And A Woman
29 Sy Oliver & His Orch.: Caravan
30 Lou Rawls: Soul Serenade
31 The Kane Triplets: Mission Impossible


My Hi-Fi To Cry By

Happy Valentine's Day!  Mix compiled by Greg Germani.

1-Tommy Collins - I Made The Prison Band
2-Bonnie Owens - My Hi-Fi To Cry By
3-Eddie Noack - Honeymoon With The Blues
4-Dal Perkins - Here's To The Girls
5-Cal Smith - To Save My Wife
6-Jack Eirwin - My Wife Is In Your Hands
7-Carl Butler & Pearl - Throw A Little Dirt
8-Johnny Sea - My Baby Walks All Over Me
9-Don Speer - Slave To The Bottle
10-Ernest Tubb - Wine Me Up
11-Buck Owens - Satan's Gotta Get Along Without Me
12-Rockin' "Rudy" Hansen - Mambo Queen
13-Deke Dickerson - I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die
14-Billy Mure - Jambalaya
15-Bob Atcher - Down With The Feminine Gender
16-Porter Wagoner - I'll Go Down Swingin'
17-George Jones - Half Of Me Is Gone
18-Grandpa Jones - Half Of Me Is Gone
19-Bobbi Kaye - Don't Let Me Want Him
20-Carl Butler & Pearl - It's Called Cheating
21-Bonnie Owens - How Can Our Cheating Be Wrong?
22-Jimmie Lumsden - This Cheating Game
23-Bert Parker - The Tavern Across The Street
24-Ernest Ashworth - The DJ Cried
25-Walt Jr & The Country Division
26-Billy Larkin - The Devil In Mrs. Jones
27-Gene McKown - Keeper Of The Heartaches
28-Charlie Louvin - You Finally Said Something Good...
29-Willis Brothers - Good Girl Bad
30-Red "Suitcase" Simpson - Hey, Bin Laden
31-Jimmy Snyder - Our Boys In Viet Nam Are Coming Home
32-Two Dollar Pistols - That Someone Isn't Me

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TURN ON! .... The Fringe Factory!!!!

The Fringe Factory turns it on with an hour of way out, high energy garage and psych from the 60's - present! Tonight we've got fuzz, grinding organs, a little bit 'o soul from all over the world!

Tune in with the Tune In Radio link at 8pm, and then check out shortly after 8 and scroll down below the image to find the Ichiban Stream! Your DJ's are there live, and you can click that link to see a real-time playlist and join us in the chat room!

Crayons to Perfume's Hearts belong to the Shirelles, our Girls of the Week!

The girls wish you many Happy Valentines (or even, just one!) as we get sweet on the Shirelles! You can listen through the Tune In Radio link which is my favorite way to listen, then head on over to where, shortly after 7, you can scroll down below the image to see the Ichiban stream and Crayons to Perfume at 7pm on Wednesdays. It only appears as your DJ's are live, on the air! Click that link to see our real-time playlist and join us in the chat room!

-with love, from Crayons to Perfume!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Purr-fect Pussycats!!!

Purr-fect Pussycats! The addendum to Crayons To Perfume's ferocious felines show! Crayons to Perfume! is live on WFMU's Rock'n'Soul Ichiban every Wed and 7

Purr-fect Pussycats

thanks to Snidley Whiplash!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Fringe Factory is Where The Action Is!

The Fringe Factory goes...Where The Action Is! We start our show with a little tour of the North West, and move along to Australia, the UK, Spain, Greece - anywhere the action is!

Check Us Out HERE Our complete WFMU link archive can be found here

Crayons to Perfume! Girl of the Week is Miss Kitty du Mont!

We're just KITTENS over the a-meow-sing crime fighting pussycat Miss Kitty du Mont - you may remember her as the star of the World Of Tile website! Today we pay hommage to Kitty who saves the lives of countless felines by day, and saves the universe at night (and I hear on Sundays and Mondays too!) - so todays Crayons To Perfume! is filled with every feline imaginable!

Join us here now!

Here's the complete archive to all our shows!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

sounds like ...

1 Classics IV: Don't Make Me Wait (= Buddy Holly)
2 Johnny Cymbal: Little Miss Lonely (
= Dion & Belmonts)
3 Sherry Dinning: Obion Bottom Land (
= Bobbie Gentry)
4 The Matadors: Nonsense (
= Coasters)
5 Terry Knight & The Pack: Dirty Lady (
= Donovan)
6 Mickey Gilley: Come On Baby (
= Jerry Lee Lewis)
7 Johnny Doe: Plan Of A Lifetime (
= Johnny Cash)
8 Jackie DeShannon: Are You Ready For This (
= Supremes)
9 Kane & Abel: Break Down And Cry (
= Righteous Brothers)
10 Jolly Joker: Lie-De-Lo (
= Chubby Checker)
11 David Box: I've Had My Moments (
= Roy Orbison)
12 Joe Freeman: My Nana (
= Neil Diamond)
13 Belfast Gypsies: The Crazy World Inside Me (
= Them / Van Morrison)
14 The Bee Gees: In My Own Time (
= Beatles)
15 The Tikis: Pay Attention To Me (
= Beatles)
16 David Box: Little Lonely Summer Girl (
= Buddy Holly)
17 The Squires: Go Ahead (
= Byrds)
18 Stacie Johnson: Woman In My Eyes (
= Jackson 5)
19 Freddie North: Lovin' On Back Streets (
= Charlie Rich)
20 The James Boys: Good Buddies (
= Everly Brothers)
21 South Central Bell ad (
= Aretha Franklin)
22 Eddie Rambeau: The Train (
= Gene Pitney)
23 Billy Guy: Whip It On Me (
= Isley Brothers)
24 Frank Williams & The Rocketeers: You Got To Be A Man (
= James Brown)
25 The Two Of Us: Nothing But A Man (
= Mamas & Papas)
26 Chris Clark: I Want To Go Back There Again (
= Smokey Robinson)
27 Etta James: Tough Lover (
= Little Richard)
28 Tommy Dae & The High Tensions: 1967 Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie (
= Mitch Ryder)
29 Richie Barrett: Some Other Guy (
= Ray Charles)
30 Eddie Quinteros: Come On Little Girl (And Dance With Me) (
= Ritchie Valens)
31 Johnny Taylor: Rome Wasn't Built In A Day (
= Sam Cooke)
32 The Sands: Open Your Eyes (
= Seeds)
33 Johnny Caswell: (You're) My Girl (
= Ronettes)