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Sunday, December 27, 2015

God Save Stevie Wright

Sad news has come to pass with the legendary Stevie Wright dying this week at age 68.

Stevie was the unstoppable, frantic, and fabulous singer of Aussie legends The Easybeats.

The Easybeats WERE THEE band of the 1960s in Australia. They put that country on the map as a competitor of the British Invasion and the American scene. Featuring 2 Britons, 2 Dutch, and 1 Scotsman. They were simply one of the most rocking and original bands of the entire rock 'n' roll canon. Inventive riffs, humor, soul, and heart-stopping performances.

A lot of this was due to Stevie Wright who co-wrote most of their early hits with George Young, including "She's So Fine."

Just watch this insane performance of  another Wright/Young song "Sorry." Stevie is a man possessed by the power of teenage lust and rock 'n' roll.

Hit after hit followed for the boys until it was time for them to do what many Aussie bands did, which is find their fortune in England. Boy did they ever!
Teaming up with legendary producer Shel Talmy, the AMAZING "Friday On My Mind" album came of this collaboration, featuring the worldwide hit "Friday On My Mind." Which even made the top charts in the U.S.A.

Also from that album is my favorite version of "River Deep, Mountain High." Proving Stevie could pack a punch in the face of soul for such a small face.

Stevie will not be forgotten and left an incredible legacy of records, all worth searching out, if you haven't already!

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La T Roc said...

then as a solo performer - check out Black Eyed Bruiser and the ground breaking 3 part epic Evie Parts 1 2 &3