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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bo Knows Instro

Here's a comp I made years ago of Bo instrumentals. Yeah, I know its not him on all of these tracks, but who cares? Meant to post this yesterday, but much like Halloween, everyday should be Bo Diddley Day!


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jazzy Jessies

Jazzy Jessies are taking over Ichiban's airwaves and classing up your Wednesday evening! Tonight on Crayons to Perfume! the ladies mix a little soul and a little pop in with their jazz numbers, and you can find it right here for your listening pleasure at 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific! featured are Les Milady's, Cherry Wainer, Nina Simone, Earnestine Anderson and many more!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Whig Out's Comp-licated Christmas

Had your fill of Neat-Loaf? (we here at Whig Out! HQ prefer an alternative to traditional holiday fare), stuffed of stuffing? Done with Christmas? Then have we got a show for you! It's the Whig Out's first annual Comp-licated Christmas where we play music only found on the ever expanding format of the compilation LP. New compilations and those put together back in the day are featured, so tune and and hum along, humbug! Tune in here: or just go to and choose the Rock'n'Soul Ichiban stream. Join us by clicking the playlist and comments link - and find out more about the albums we're featuring. 8pm Eastern, 5 Pacific right after The Real Nitty Gritty at 7pm!

Hully Gully If You Wanna

Hully Gully If You Wanna -- The Real Nitty Gritty -- tonight at 7:00PM ET on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN! Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters! Playlist and pop up player here:

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Girls!

Rockin’, Hoppin,Twistin, Jivin’ & Shuckin’ Christmas girls guaranteed to warm even the coldest of cockles! Turn 'em on here, today at 7pm Eastern or 4 Pacific

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cut it Out! on the Whig Out!

Tonight at 8 right after Pat K's Make with the Shake it's The Whig Out! featuring old and new garage and 60's influenced bands like LA's Mystic Braves, Swiss Jackets, Bob Seger & The Last Herd, fellow San Diegan's The Brain Police & The Schizophonics and a handful of Northwest pounders. Check it out right here!

"Make WIth The Shake" fills in for The Real Nitty Gritty

Tonight at 7pm EST Make With The Shake fills in for The Real Nitty Gritty! Get your Sunday night shakes on with a special slightly-belated 84th birthday mini-tribute to His Majesty the King of Rock & Roll Little Richard, plus some seasonal rock & soul to start off the one-week-till-xmas countdown. Check it out here! Only on Ichiban!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Very Andy Christmas

Tune in to DJ Roulette on Sunday, December 25th for "A Very Andy Christmas" here on the Ichiban webstream.  BYOB.

Coming to you in living stereo, A Very Andy Christmas is a two hour Christmas morning radio party. It's every old TV special you watched with your grandparents ran through the filter of Andy's record collection, with everyone from Miles Davis to Slade showing up. There will be "special guests," weird commericals, and a whole lot of music. BE THERE!!!


Black Christmas (re-upload)

Here is a cd compiled by Lux Interior and Ivy Rorschach of The Cramps. Artwork care of Lux himself. This was originally put together for some magazine, but I can't recall which.

This was uploaded awhile back, via media fire and didn't work anymore, so here it is again.

Have a Black_Christmas

Friday, December 16, 2016

"Make With The Shake" 2016 Holiday Mix!

Shove some extra spice into your nog with this holiday rock & soul mix courtesy of DJ Pat K! Ice cold seasonal stompers direct from the North Pole, guaranteed to shake your tinsel sideways, mixed live from 45s!  Download here!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Crayons to Perfume! goes Downtown!! 7pm

The girls are going Downtown where all the lights are bright, tonight on Crayons to Perfume! It'll make you feel alright ... now! 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific. Take this gentle hand to guide you along...

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Somebody Help Me! Whigsville 29 BC at 8

WHAAAAAAAAAA! Your weekly dose of wylde and raving 60's garage madness is here tonight at 8, on Rock'n'Soul Ichiban!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Girl Group Royalty on Crayons to Perfume! 7pm

The Royalettes are our girls of the week, as the girls hold court on Crayons to Perfume! Wednesday at 7pm Eastern or 4 Pacific. Tune in right here to pay homage!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

do the Crank! Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00

Do the Crank! Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00PM on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN! Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters!
Playlist and pop up player here:

Doin' Me In ... Whig Out! 8pm

Happy 50th Birthday to Gonn! They did us in at their anniversary show in San Diego - doing their 1966 set plus a few of their more recent songs - and they sure Did Us In, with a mind blowing show. Tonight we have Gonn and a host of other garage groups from 1966 - plus a smattering of modern like minded groups on the Whig Out! airring right after the Real Nitty Gritty. So turn on and tune to Ichiban starting at 7pm this evening - the Whig Out! is there at 8!

Now, here's something to blow your little mind to bits!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goin' To A Go Go! Crayons to Perfume! 7pm

Time for your weekly mojo workout with the GIRLS! 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific on Crayons to Perfume! Tune in right here

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mind Over Matter -- The Real Nitty Gritty

Mind Over Matter! Tune in to The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00PM on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN! Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters!  Playlist and pop up player here:

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sunday on DJ Roulette: DJ Pat K returns with Make With the Shake

Brew up some coffee, skip church, and put on your dancing slippers, because DJ Pat K is back with another edition of Make With The Shake on DJ Roulette Sunday morning at 11am EST! Tune in for some classic rock 'n soul groovers guaranteed to start your Sunday with some shakin'!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Debbie Does WFMU

Tune in tonight at 7 PM for my salute to Billy Miller.


Ichiban Radio will be celebrating the life of Billy Miller on Jan 1, 2017.  Join us at 11 AM for DJ Roulette followed by DJ sets from Miriam + WFMU DJs.  If you would like to send me a DJ set, your birthday wishes or a request please send me an mp3 by DEC 25.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Fringe Factory 9th Annual Thanksgiving EVE Special!!

It's the 9th Annual Thanksgiving Evening Special! 
All 60s Garage, Psych & Soul songs about eating and drinking for your Holiday Shenanigans!
Listen right here! 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Whig Out!

Wild Whig scapling party tonight at 8 right after the Real Nitty Gritty! Catch it here!

The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00

Rock 'til the End of Time -- Tune in to The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00PM on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN! We'll spin a few of our favorite Norton Records in memory of the great Billy Miller. 100% savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters!
Playlist and pop up player here:

Friday, November 18, 2016

Tonight: DJ Pat K fills in for Debbie D with an all-Norton Hour

The Billy Miller/Norton tributes keep coming as DJ Pat K fills in for Debbie D tonight from 7-8pm with an all-Norton episode of Make With The Shake! Tune in as Pat K pays tribute to the life & work of Billy Miller by spinning his favorite singles from the label where the loud sound always abounds (and always will)! Classics from Andre Williams, Esquerita, Nolan Strong, Hasil Adkins and more guaranteed to leave you quakin' in your boots.  Check it out right here to listen and check the live playlist and comments!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Fringe Factory Tributes Billy Miller & Norton Records tonight at 8pm ET/5PM PT

Tonight it's an all Billy Miller/Norton Records Tribute as right after Crayons to Perfume, The Fringe Factory Radio show continues with an hour of some of DJ Vikki V's favorite Norton tracks to pay honor to Billy Miller and thank him for all the great music he brought to us! 
Stay tuned at 8pm ET/5PM PT and be sure to view the live playlist and comments at:

The Ladies of Norton Records on Crayons to Perfume!

Photo: Jackie Roman

This evening, with heavy heart I bring you an hour of the Ladies of Norton Records. It's my own way of commemorating Billy Miller, who along with Miriam, has brought us so much great music -- and so much of it that you hear around the clock on Rock'n'Soul Ichiban. Hear dear Miriam herself, La La Brooks, Althea & The Memories, Ruby Johnson and so many more - lotsa platter, little chatter so make sure you check out the live accu-playlist to see what's playing. It's all here at Tonight let's raise a glass to Billy, and to Miriam, as she forges along with Norton Records.

Billy Miller on Fool's Paradise with Rex 2008: Charlie Feathers Special

Here's Billy guesting on Fool's Paradise from 2008 promoting the 3 Charlie Feathers LP's that had just come out at the time. Great show. Billy's in top form talking about Charlie. My fave bit is when Billy says (paraphrasing here); "there's more to rockabilly than putting flames on your upright bass!"


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We Love you Billy

I asked Debbie D if it was OK to post some WFMU shows that I have in my archive of Billy's appearances over the years.  She said yes, so here's a great one from Fool's Paradise with Rex. Billy and Lenny Kaye drop by the fur lined fall out shelter with a bunch of great Fortune Records sides. It's a great show, with great music and stories from all involved. From 2005.


Art above by Tim Smith



Sunday, November 13, 2016

Shig-A-Shag! THE REAL NITTY GRITTY tonight at 7PM ET!

Shig-A-Shag! On this melancholy day tune in to The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00PM on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN! Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters! WE WILL MISS YOU BILLY!
Playlist and pop up player here:

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I Love a Man in a Uniform!

Hey Sailor! Tune into Crayons to Perfume! Wednesday at 7 to hear Diane Renay, The Zippers, USO girls, The Tassles and many more - just click here!

The Debutantes in Vietmnam

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Whig Out! GIRLS!

It's girls girls GIRLS! on today's Whig Out! Girls in the Garage, and Psychedelic Women featuring the Blades, Rosalyns, the Growing Concern, Apple Pie Motherhood Band, Brood, Luv'd Ones and so many more! Drop in, Turn on! right here at 8pm, right after The Real Nitty Gritty!

Snake Dance Boogie -- the Real Nitty Gritty

Why dontcha do the SNAKE DANCE BOOGIE with The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00PM on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN! Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters!
Tune in AND see the playlist here:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Listener Support!!

Thanks to everyone for supporting Ichiban during the October fundraiser!  We still haven't reached our goal, so if you haven't pledged yet, please do it now!!  Any amount at all really helps keep the obscure hits streaming 24/7

THANKS to these true blue Ichibaners!!

Tom K - Bloomfield Hills, MI, Tania B - Oberlin, Ohio, Laurent B - Paris, France, Steve P - Bronx, NY, Paul H - Toronto, Canada, Paul E - Richfield, Ohio, Adam W - Decatur, Ga, Melissa Jean G - Jamaica Plain, Mass, Tyson S - Newport Beach, Ca, John D - Brooklyn, NY, Joseph K, Philly, Mike S - London, Carlo N, San Vittore, Switzerland, Jon V - Paris, France, Likka K - Helsinki, Finland, Elizabeth M - Philly, Randy C - Tarrytown, NY, John S - Austin, Texas, Sunny - Paris, France, Yvonne B - Carrolton, Ohio, Glynis W - San Diego, Ca, Joe R - NY, NY, Crystal J - Providence, RI, Julia M - San Diego, Ca, Amy V - NY, NY, Jane S - Portland, Oregon, Richard W - San Diego, Ca, Pat K - Buffalo, NY, Kurl B - Brighton, UK, James F - NY, Matthew W - Canada, Ted W - Chicago, Tom W - Florida, Scooby - NJ and even Bob S - Netherlands!  Thanks, y'all.  Sorry if I didn't mention you by name.  I don't think I have a full list of pledgers yet.

GIRLS! 7pm Crayons to Perfume!

The girls are twisting and frugging into autumn Check it out tonight at 7pm, click here!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Whig-o-Ween tonight at 8pm!

Whig, baby! Whig!

Tune in to WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN tonight at 7:00 for The Real Nitty Gritty Halloween Special! SPOOKY Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters! Then stay tuned for the Whig Out! at 8:00

Friday, October 28, 2016

R.I.P. John Zacherle, "The Cool Ghoul"

The great John Zacherle, known to generations of horror fans as Zacherley, "The Cool Ghoul," has passed away at 98. The news came tonight as author Tom Weaver, a close friend of the Zacherle family, began informing colleagues of the the sad news, and an outpouring of tributes has already begun across the internet. 

A veteran of World War II, Zacherle started working at WCAU in Philadelphia in 1954, and in 1957, he got the job of being Philly's first late night horror movie host on Shock Theater, creating the character of Roland (pronounced Ro-LAND), who talked to his dead wife in her coffin. An association with Dick Clark, whose American Bandstand was based in Philadelphia, led to the recording of "Dinner With Drac" in 1958. He moved to New York's WABC in '59, became known as Zacherley and his show was renamed Zacherley At Large. He later hosted the Newark teenage dance show Disc-O-Teen, and was a DJ on WNEW and then WPLJ, where he stayed for ten years. 

Considered by many to be the greatest TV horror host of all-time, Zacherele has spent the last several decades appearing on TV, radio, and film and making personal appearances at conventions and special events. 

His horror-themed novelty records have remained perennial Halloween favorites, and you will surely hear them played on WFMU and elsewhere over the course of the next week. So, instead of posting those, I've decided to share the REAL DEAL, actual episodes of Shock Theater and Zacherley at Large as they were originally broadcast in the late 1950s. What we have here are three classic poverty row horrors: two Bela Lugosi features - The Devil Bat and Bowery At Midnight, and Rondo Hatton as The Creeper in The Brute Man. This is how original Monster Kids in the Northeast first saw these movies, and I'd recommend taking them all in for a great Halloween triple feature this weekend, just make sure you raise a glass of blood in honor of the Cool Ghoul himself before you're done.  He gave his all! 

Shock Theater: The Devil Bat

Zacherley At Large: Bowery At Midnight

Zacherley At Large: The Brute Man

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Shake your skeleton to DJ Pat K's Halloween Mix!

DJ Pat K has undergone his yearly transformation into his terrifying bat form to provide a HALLOWEEN MIX of fiendish 45s to shake your skeleton to  this Halloween weekend!

Featuring The Rattles, Gene Maltais & his Flat Duo Jets, Ben Vaughan Group, The Denims, The In-B-Tweens, Virgil Holmes, Bo Diddley, The Pharaohs, Billy Ford & the Thunderbirds, The Arrows, R. Dean Taylor, Christine Pilzer, and more!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Hootenany at 7pm tonite!

Halloween Hootenany on Crayons to Perfume! 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific with Norma Dragoo, The Fabulous Frauleins, 5,6,7,8's, Glen and Glenda, La Luz and many more haunting honeys!

Monday, October 24, 2016

No, Johnny, No! More death disc dames and splatter platter sweeties!

Last week, Crayons to Perfume! featured Death Disc Dames - an hour of dead football teams, car crash victim boyfriends and murdered mademoiselles - in fact there were too many splatter platter sisters to fit into the hour, so here are the rest, plus a few of the best!


Sunday, October 23, 2016

COP MY STUFF! - The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00PM on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN!

Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters! Tune in AND see the playlist here:

Today on DJ Roulette: "Make With The Shake" with DJ Pat K!!

Skip church and have a little shake with your Sunday morning coffee as DJ Pat K brings "Make With the Shake" to DJ Roulette!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Debbie Does WFMU 7-8 PM Fridays

Only on Ichiban.
Today's episode: Nightmare Mash

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Mix

Please enjoy this new Halloween mix from listener Jordan over at Weird-O-Matic Wax.

Death Disc Dames on Crayons to Perfume!

Splatter Platter Sisters are here tonite, on Crayons to Perfume!

It's an hour of Death Disc Dames - sad senoritas filled with tales teen tragedy! Hear obscure versions of Ode To Billy Joe and Terry, death defying answer songs, car crashes, dear departed boyfriends and even an entire extinct football team! Tune in right here at 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific for the Shangri-Las, Cobey Carson, Fern Dauth, and even Dallas star Linda Gray!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Whig Out!

Whig Out! on Ichiban at 8pm (5 Pacific), right after The Real Nitty Gritty. It's an Internation hip flippin' time trippin' good time right here!

and don't forget to throw us a bone or two!

Feeling Peckish -THE REAL NITTY GRITTY tonight at 7PM ET on ICHIBAN!

FEELING PECKISH - The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00PM on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN! Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters! Then stay tuned for the Whig Out! at 8:00
Tune in AND see the playlist here:
AND furthermore, It's SILENT FUNDRAISER TIME for October here at WFMU and we badly need your support. There's new swag, including our Typographic Critters T-shirt and Malevolent Bunny T-shirt! You can pledge at:

Latin American Nuggets!

Download (mp3s)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Make A Donation

WFMU is having a silent fundraiser for the month of October.  We won't be yakking about it too much on the air, but we really could use some scratch to get through the winter months.  Please consider making a pledge to your favorite show!  THANKS.

What's Happening?!?!
Crayons To Perfume
Fringe Factory
Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves
Debbie Does WFMU
Live From The Admiral
DJ Roulette
The Real Nitty Gritty
Whig Out!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Girls of Barry Records

The Barry Records Label was a shadow imprint label from Toronto, Ontario issuing records from other labels in the US and a handful from the UK - and even had a few of it's own original releases. Labels like Barry made it affordable to buy and to find what would have essentially been import records - and it also created a way for other labels to get their records on local radio stations. I grew up listening to 1050 Chum they played tons of girl group stuff and were really dialed into the teen set. I even uploaded a few of their jingles! Here's a good one! and then here is another fun jingle! Today I play girls issued on the Barry Records label, the girls that first got me so interested in girl groups! Listen here at 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific or 5 Central!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Baby Let Your Hair Down!

Today, right after the Real Nitty Gritty, the Whig Out! spins freakbeat and garage gold! 8pm Eastern, 5 Pacific with rainy mournings, prozac, zoloft, and all the things that get you walkin' down the road to Monday.