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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Switchblade Panic!!

Ok, for those of you that missed any of the Instrumentals of the Week, here is the whole she-bang! 34 crazee cool tooooons for your next switchblade fight!  Thanks to J.R. Williams for the graphic!


AmericanSamourai said...


Johnny Bonnski said...

So cool! thanks a lot!

brewce said...

yeah yeah yeah!
haey haey haey!
many thanx!

michael vee said...

yikes! thank you!

Jan Molam said...

thanks Kogar! I am a big fan of your site,may I put a link on my new blog ? I post 45s from Thailand, just started. I think you will like it, just listen to the 2nd post... some Shadow Music (Instrumental/Surf?) will follow! Thanks Jan

My Switchblade said...

Nice blog.