Friday, February 12, 2016

Debbie Does WFMU

Tonight we welcome the Year Of The Monkey with special guest DJ, Mister Lance from Asheville FM's now defunct Monkey Time.  7-8 PM ET.





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Theo Robinson, Director of Tuscaloosa Pickleball Club said...

Footexxx@yahoo.com / Theo Robinson Debbie a million thanks for the Ernie-K-Doe link. Do you know where I could find more shows? I know WWOZ has all them cause they played them all right after Katrina while the studio was down. They probably put them in a golden fault afterwards. I was in N.O. during those years. I'd see K-Doe in the clubs then listen to his show from Tulane Univ. and later wilt wwoz. He was the greatest dj I ever heard.