Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Listener Support!!

Thanks to everyone for supporting Ichiban during the October fundraiser!  We still haven't reached our goal, so if you haven't pledged yet, please do it now!!  Any amount at all really helps keep the obscure hits streaming 24/7

THANKS to these true blue Ichibaners!!

Tom K - Bloomfield Hills, MI, Tania B - Oberlin, Ohio, Laurent B - Paris, France, Steve P - Bronx, NY, Paul H - Toronto, Canada, Paul E - Richfield, Ohio, Adam W - Decatur, Ga, Melissa Jean G - Jamaica Plain, Mass, Tyson S - Newport Beach, Ca, John D - Brooklyn, NY, Joseph K, Philly, Mike S - London, Carlo N, San Vittore, Switzerland, Jon V - Paris, France, Likka K - Helsinki, Finland, Elizabeth M - Philly, Randy C - Tarrytown, NY, John S - Austin, Texas, Sunny - Paris, France, Yvonne B - Carrolton, Ohio, Glynis W - San Diego, Ca, Joe R - NY, NY, Crystal J - Providence, RI, Julia M - San Diego, Ca, Amy V - NY, NY, Jane S - Portland, Oregon, Richard W - San Diego, Ca, Pat K - Buffalo, NY, Kurl B - Brighton, UK, James F - NY, Matthew W - Canada, Ted W - Chicago, Tom W - Florida, Scooby - NJ and even Bob S - Netherlands!  Thanks, y'all.  Sorry if I didn't mention you by name.  I don't think I have a full list of pledgers yet.

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bob slee said...

Guess I'm not a true blue Ichibaner... "sorry 'bout that!"

Thanx everybody, You DJ's specially...