Friday, April 21, 2017

Gettin' High at the Fringe Factory!

GET HIGH with the Fringe Factory! This time we’re going to do it ALL..SONICALLY that is! With these rare tunes about getting' stoned, wasted, tripping' out, comin' on, sped up, shot up, wasted & then falling down for your 4-20 any day! And of course; it all starts with the Dealer, so there's songs about them too! Click & take a TRIP with DJ Vikki Vaden in her Rock-N-Roll Time Machine. Be careful though...because once you listen YOU JUST CAN'T STOP!
Playlist & player here in the WFMU archive:
or listen via the Fringe Factory Mixcloud page!

(this show originally aired 4/19/17 on WFMU Rock-N-Soul Ichiban)