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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Crayons to Perfume! plays Games

Today djgirlgroupgirl has got Little Eva's little sis, Idalia Boyd plus the all-girl Pandoras, Mary Weiss, the sunshine pop Sunshine Highway and little Toni Wine, who was signed to Allegro music by Don Kirshner, when she was only 14 years old! Here's a great interview with Toni! who was a fine little singer, but an even better songwriter - she wrote 'Groovy Kind of Love' and was one of the Archies. Tune in here at 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific.

Monday, May 29, 2017

DEBUT: Monday 6-8pm EASTERN Come To The Sunshine with DJ Andrew Sandoval

TODAY @6pm Eastern: Andrew Sandoval’s “Come To The Sunshine” is a trip to the Grammy-nominated producer’s record room. The producer and compiler of entries in the legendary Nuggets series hand picks vinyl 45’s for your listening pleasure.

This week hear rare spins of The Surprise Package; The Tony Jackson Group; The Power Plant; Freddy Cannon; The Avengers; Merrell Fankhauser & Hms Bounty; M.F.Q.; Patrick & Paul; The Bachelors; Kenny Everett; The Oxfords; Robin Kingsley; The Pineapple Heard; The Bluebeards; The Uglys; The Second City Sound; Herbie's People; Billy J. Kramer; The Wheelbarrow; Richard Kim Milford.

In part two, Andrew turns the Sunshine spotlight on to The Knickerbockers for an hour of their fantastic work. The show will be heard every Monday on WFMU’s Rock & Soul Ichiban at 3pacific/6eastern/11pm GMT.

Join us on the playlist!  Live at showtime.

The Knickerbockers are coming!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

SCREW DRIVER! The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7PM on ICHIBAN!

The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00PM ET on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN! Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters! Then Whig Out! at 8:00

Thursday, May 25, 2017

MAKE WITH THE SHAKE with DJ Pat K tonight at 8pm EST

Grab your skull, your flaming torch, your pet python, and your best pals and tune in to another episode of "Make With The Shake" with head toughguy DJ Pat K! The shaking begins at 8pm EST on the only station crazy enough to allow it, Ichiban!  Click here for the live playlist and pop-up player!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Let Yourself Go! On Tonight's Fringe Factory Radio Show!

This week WFMU Ichiban DJ Vikki Vaden spins the coolest.brand new Garage, Punk & Psychedelic Rock'n'Roll singles from Archie & the Bunkers, Oh! GunQuit, The Hall Monitors, Aussies Los Tones & The Pinheads & more! Plus lots of fuzzy & groovy garage & pysch nuggets from 1966 to now! Tune into's Ichiban stream, turn up the volume, get lit and catch it live at 8pm ET or here the archived version after here on the show's playlist page:


Duped Darlings lament lost love and double crossing dames dump the dudes they dated tonight on Crayons to Perfume! featuring a double dose of Reparata & the Delrons - dyoens of dump-dom, Philly-ite Suzy Clark and a handful of girls in the garage, girl groups the Corlettes, Chiffons and Chantels plus the all girl Swedish sensations Mak les Soeurs - the M-A-K- Sisters Agneta, Margareta and Karen all the way from Sweden with their garagey girl harmonies and folk-rockish guitars on their minor key masterpiece ‘Once More’. Forming in 1966, the trio released 10 singles and EP’s on Cupol Records (and some on their German subsidiary) until 1970 when they decided to pursue their respective careers. Here the girls are covering the Tages 'Too Many Girls'

Tune in to Crayons to Perfume! at 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific or listen through the archive anytime!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

WAHOO! The Real Nitty Gritty - tonight at 7PM on WFMU'S Rock 'n' Soul Ichiban!

WAHOO! -- The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00PM ET on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN! Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters! Then Whig Out! at 8:00
Playlist and pop up player here:

On Target with the Whig Out! Sunday at 8pm

Your triple threat Sundays start with DJ Roulette - a revolving door of dj's playing host with the most - the most rock'n'soul! In the evenings you can end your week with The Real Nitty Gritty and then the Whig Out! Sunday at 8pm take a bit outta the Whig Out! Richard and Glynis are right on target with the rawest and raunchiest garage sounds that abound, like the Alarm Clocks. Now, the Alarm Clocks go by the old addage, if the clock ain't broke, don't fix it. They sound pretty much today like they did back in their day - 1965 when 3 high school kids in Parma, Ohio scraped together enough dough to head into the studio to record their 1st 45. Trouble is, they only had one song to record! Putting their heads and three chords together, they came up with the snotty teen punk ode "Yeah" - filled with the crashy clash of poorly recorded drums, and a time straining tempo - almost two and a half minutes of hormonal hollering. Fast forward your clock 40 years - when fellow Ohio-ite and record collecting nut Tom Fallon puts the Alarm Clocks back together to record 'The Time Has Come' - the Alarm Clocks first offical full album which sounds pretty much exactly like the group did in 1966 - check out the track Ramona that Richard has in store for you, she just may be the girl that 'Yeah!' was written about! Now check out this great article on San Diego's own Id a bunch of geeky 13 year old barefoot beach bums who got their start (and finish) yowling at their local teen clubs.

The Alarm Clocks

Thursday, May 18, 2017

GET THE SHAKES! Make with the Shake tonight at 8pm EST

Tonight at 8pm EST on Ichiban, Make With The Shake with DJ Pat K returns for another hour of wax that bites back! 45rpm thrillers & killers every Thursday night after Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves... get the shakes!!!

Playlist, archives, & pop-up player right here:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Crayons To Perfume! 7pm

The girls are at Ichiban every Wednesday at 7pm for Crayons to Perfume! and this week, host djgirlgroupgirl brings you some of her newest finds and favorites and plus you can win a copy of the new girl group compilation album HONEYBEAT! so tune in, and join in the conversation to win at on the Rock'n'Soul Ichiban stream - just look for the link for playlist and comments...and get ready to answer the skill testing question!!

Honeybeat features the eldest of the Franklin girls - Erma, and I don't Want No Mama's Boy - recorded during Erma's short sojourn at Epic Records, a stand out song for Erma, who for the most part liked to stick to fairly straight ahead material which was highly gospel influenced although she did have her contemporary favorites like Jackie Verdelle, Gladys Knight and Dionne Warwick - who all dabbled in adult contemporary soul. Heartbroken after finding out that her earliest musical experiences with Motown ended with her being no more than a demo singer, Erma learned to live in two worlds. Her father insisted she get a college education which she did, and had something to fall back on. Her degree came in handy after leaving the Lloyd Price Orchestra (where she sang after her contract with Epic ended) and then again when Shout records owner Bert Berns died suddenly, in the midst of her top 10 R&B hit with "Take Another Piece of My Heart". Never one to quit, Erma continued her day job and moonlighted at her fourth label, Brunswick while releasing "Her Name Is Erma" - one of my favorite albums of the 60's.

Today you'll hear Erma, and plenty of girls and girl groups from around the world, all from the 60's. 7pm Eastern, 4 Pacific Rock'n'Soul Ichiban!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

DO THE... The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7PM ET on Ichiban!!!

The Real Nitty Gritty! Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters! Playlist and pop up player here:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Get DOWN WITH IT! At the Fringe Factory with DJ Vikki V! Tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT

Get Down with It! Songs to Make You Move and Groove!
DJ Vikki Vaden takes us in her Rock-N-Roll Time Machine to 1966 & back with some killer garage-punk songs to unleash some energy and then a full on dance party with tunes to get you groovin' & movin'! Shake that money-maker Fringers! With The Woggles, Monks,Schizophonics, Red Kross, The Sonics, Mitch Ryder, Hannibal, Question Mark, Roy Head & more PLUS new songs by The Reverberations & The Betrayers too!
Live Playlist, Stream & Archive at :

Sunday, May 7, 2017

THE HOOTCH! The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7PM on Ichiban!

The Real Nitty Gritty 7PM - Savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash platters! Then Whig Out! at 8:00
Playlist and pop up player here: