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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ghoulardi! A KNIF'ING Public Service Announcement...

This has been bothering Howie Pyro and I for a while now and I figured it was a good time of year to share the Ghoulardi Compilation I made at least 20 years ago and also take some hipsters to school regarding a certain word that has entered the newbie cool kid lexicon.

That word is KNIF.

I'm guessing most of you first heard that word in relation to the Lux Interior "Radio Show" (in actuality, a tape and NOT an actual radio show) that was hosted by Lux as THE PURPLE KNIF.

Even though Lux clearly says the word the correct way numerous times during the show we still hear people butchering it left and right.  I've heard people say "purple knife" or "purple nif" etc etc.

Please, for the love of Ernie Anderson and Lux himself pronounce it correctly! It's like fingernails on a chalkboard and just singles you out as someone as out of touch as your old aunt Tillie.

Say it with me now.....Ka Nif! or Kuh - Nif if you prefer. 

It's FINK backwards, folks...End of Public Service Announcement.

So, yeah, check out this compilation. I haven't remastered it, so it's the same one that's been floating around the net for years. The songs were taken from the Psychotronic article on Ghoulardi and also from the Ghoulardi book that came out a while back. There's a few Ghoulardi samples (and yes, one where he says Knif!), and a load of tunes you're probably already familiar with.

Get Knif-ed!