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    Wednesday, March 7, 2018

    Crayons to Perfume! Girl Groups!

    It's simply amazing how many women made records between 1960-1969, and it's even more astounding at how many of them that girl group lovers have never heard. Recently I came across a record I'd never heard even though it did receive some small success - The Cure. Known as Cindy Mann, Rosalie Mann and as how she came to my notice Smitty Williams - Rosalie was a singer and an entertainer who dabbled in comedy and appeared in many live variety shows around the US. Her Dr. Kildare send up single is a cash in novelty song of the best kind since it's turned into a girl group-ish number. Hear it today on Crayons to Perfume! along with an hour of girl groups, soul, and psychedelic sisters from the 60's - at 7pm. I'll be giving away very special girl grouprizes, Ichiban's Do The Dog compilation and Freak Meow-t - my Marathon Premium for 2018 - chock full of psychedelic sweeties and rarities! Tune in today, right here:

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