Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Columbia Cuties!

It's an hour of the ladies of Columbia Records this evening on Crayons to Perfume! WFMU's weekly girl group show featuring an hour of girl groups and female fronted 60's sounds every Wednesday at 7pm.  Your host, djgirlgroupgirl has an eclectic mixture from some of the most outstanding 45's on Columbia from the mid-60's - everything from girl groups to girl garage, soul, beat, famous personalities and even a good novelty song! One of the featured groups are The What Four, an all-girl rock'n'roll outfit who recorded two singles for Columbia in 1966, including one of the tuffest girl garage singles ever to grace black shellac - I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy! Check out the What Four story below, and tune into Crayons to Perfume! this evening ... only on Rock'n'Soul Ichiban.