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    Saturday, May 11, 2019

    Bali Ha'i Twistin Train!

    Here it is! My Instrumental 45 of the Week as a full on compilation for your Ipod, or CD (if people still use such things). In case you missed a week or two. Now with a swanky new cover by the fabulous J.R. Williams!

    I'll be doing my new "45 of the Week" series starting soon. It will be volume 2 of vocal group coolness!

    All aboard the BALI_HAI_TWISTIN_TRAIN! (download)


    William said...

    Thank you. I love your 45 of the week series.

    Artie Haywire said...

    Awesome. Thanks, Kogar!

    Crab Devil said...

    Thank you!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks ! Keeo on Rockin'!

    finn said...

    Thank you!