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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Monkee's Girls!! on Crayons to Perfume!

Wednesday evening, tune into Ichiban to hear MONKEES GIRLS! Perhaps the most fun hour ever to air on Crayon's To Perfume! It's part of the recurring Cover Girls series - that started 5 years ago (check the archives for Stone's GirlsBeatles Girls (there is more than one show), Beach Boys girls, Simon & Garfunkel Girls and many more) today your hostess, djgirlgroupgirl has a Monkee's sandwich, the middle of the show is dedicated to girls singing Monkee's songs, with early girl covers and later girl covers on either end of the show. Listen & comment on the show:  7pm Eastern (4 Pacific) right here:        and check out Mike Nesmith as Billy Roy Hudson singing a dash of Linda Ronstadt on the Monkee's episode of Too Many Girls: