Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Curtis Mayfield - Women in Front

Wednesday, on Crayons to Perfume! we'll be listening to the songs of Curtis Mayfield, either written for or interpreted by female artists and girl groups of the 1960's. I've been working on this show for many months now, thinking that this week would be a great time to air the show to celebrate Curtis Mayfield's birthday today, June 3rd. It also just so happens that this week is the perfect week to remind ourselves of the messages he conveyed in his songs.
Noted for his ability to write songs that evoked the need for powerful social change, Curtis was also uniquely able to write songs from a woman's perspective that sound genuine. Songs of tenderness, caring, and longing. He was a master at being able to convey emotion in lyric. We'll open today with a few powerhouse cries for social change that Curtis wrote to sing with the Impressions - which struck a chord with Ike and Tina, as well as Dionne Warwick. Mayfield also wrote songs explicitly for Jan Bradley and the Fascinations as well as many other artists. Sylvie Vartan and the Jumelles sang Major Lance, Jean and the State Sides, The Opals, Shamettes, Etta James, Marva Lee - we'll hear them all and more.  Join me to listen - and comment, 7pm