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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Atomic Jukebox on DJ Roulette Sunday 5 July 2020

I'll be doing a DJ Roulette today, Sunday 5 July, including sets featuring girls in the garage, R&B and wild rockabilly !!! Check it out at
and stay tuned for more fun at BOSS RADIO 66 !!!

 Playlist :
Wrongh Black Bag - Wake Me, Shake Me (photo above)
Denise & Co - Take Me As I Am
Val McKenna - I Can't Believe What You Say
Bombshells - Treat Her Right
Sandy Edmonds - Come See Me
Beach Bums - Florida Time
Frantic Freddie and The Pro-Teens - Charmaine
Catalinas - Catalina Push
Tang - Tang spot
Gene & the Esquires - Space Race
Bobby Fuller and the Fanatics - Our favorite Martian
Phil Flowers and TNT Tribble - The Dances
Jimmie Raye - Hey Let's Dance
King Coleman - Show Me What You Got
Rufus Thomas - I Think I Made a Boo Boo
Jessie Hill - Oogsey Moo
Werps - Love's a Fire
Cherry Stones - The Things She Says
Banshees - They Prefer Blondes
Wanted - In The Midnight Hour
James Bond And The Agents - Wild Angel
Phantom - Love Me
Curtis Long and the Rhythm Rockers - Hootchy Cootchy
Tony Casanova - Showdown
Shalimar & His Friends - Voodoo Mash Pt. 1