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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Flot's Spot

Today's Ichiban mix! 

Just Brothers - Sliced Tomatoes
Jessie Hill - Scoop Scoobie Doo
Phil Flowers - The Dances
The Groop - Alright!
The Banana Splits - Doin' The Banana Split
Bob Segar System - 2+2?
The Monks - Monk Time
Jacques Dutronc - Hippie Hippie Hourrah
The Daisers - She's Gonna Two Time You
Sugar Freaks - Summertime
Daddy Kae & Yvonne - Eleven Commandments of Woman
Rita Chao - Crying in the Storm
Willie Mitchell - Toddlin'
Phil Flowers - Hayloft Stomp
Ray Sanders and Friend - Karate
Tom & Jerry-O - Karate Boo Ga Loo
Bobby Marchan - Rockin' Behing the Iron Curtain
Danny White - The Twitch
Trini Lopez - Sinner Not a Saint
Big Mama Thornton - Tom Cat
Chris Kenner - Land of 1,000 Dances
Screamin' Lord Sutch - Flashing Lights
Paul "Sir Raggedy" Flagg - Papa Momma Romper Stomper
Maskman and the Agents - Wigs
Gino Washington - Gino is a Coward
Kim Fowley - Pop Art '66
Beatle Barkers - She Loves You
Tommy Neal - Going to a Happening
Chris Kenner - Cinderella
James Booker - Smacksie
Southern Culture on the Skids - Skullbucket


Terry said...

Love the intro- what is it from?

Jeff Martinek said...

It is from an episode of the 90's cop show "Homicide: Life on the Streets" -- a forerunner of "The Wire" I think it's season 4 or 5 .Possibly episode 49, season 4. The voice Andre Braugher as Detective Frank Pembleton. The context is a murder investigation of a "copycat" murderer (Robie). Frank is pondering "all this repeating" and goes off on a rant about it when his order for an egg creme gets screwed up at a diner. The other cops mention the internet as something "new" and Frank shrugs it off.

I always thought this little bit was a brilliant comment on the so-called "postmodern condition" of cultural fragments floating in a chaotic, ahistorical space.