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Friday, March 12, 2021

The Now Sounds Of The Rave-Ons: early 1970s song-poem disasters on Columbine

Dianne (wr. Kenneth Kamp)

You're Mine All Mine (wr. John Rush)

A Mellow Sweet Sixteen (wr. John Byrd)

What Now, My Darling (wr. Elizabeth Bartle)

Just A Poor Girl (wr. Bonnie Moore)

A Shepherd's Prayer (wr. Joseph L. Curbow)

Our Natural Energy (wr. Walter A. Schultz)

Nature (wr. Nelson Roy Reid)

My Opinion (wr. Minnie Baugh)

I Drifted To Heaven (wr. Charles Ferrell)

You're Got Everything This Man Needs (wr. Precious Wilkins)

Pay Attention To My Love (wr. E.W. Miller)

Pretty Little Gal (wr. Alice Wilson)

You'll See Me Smiling (wr. Dorothy Norton)

Sincere Love (wr. Anthony V. Warner)

If You Were Me (wr. Tex Walker)

All For You (wr. Wendell Lawson)

Stepping Out (wr. Berry Slater)

Someone Like You (wr. Joseph Williams)

No Tomorrow's Little One (wr. Lawrence P. Torres)

The Beauty Of The Evergreen (wr. MackArthur Henry)

I'm Not Going To Be A Bachelor Till I Die (wr. Juliana Brand)

Goodbye Loveliness (wr. Fred L. Baker)

America Is All Love (wr. Anne Dorsey Brown)

She Was Always Blind (wr. Michael Tilo & Larry Wesnofske)

The Woodpeckers (wr. Rosy Knapp)

A Strong Heart (wr. Lucille Morrison)

I Remember, Don't You (wr. Jean Carter)

My Guiding Light (wr. Jennie Thompson)

Cheating Adeline (wr. Nick Guvakosky)

Moonlight (wr. Hedard Hebert)

You Lied To Me Again (wr. Doris Wilkerson)

Talk To Me (wr. Karry Michael Lane)

I Should Be (wr. Ethel Kasold)