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Friday, April 9, 2021

My Lucky Stars: cassettes cleanup, vol. 1

Percy Faith: "Fuck Thee"

Piece Inc.: Can't Explain

Hindal Butts: Welfare Cadillac

Dr. J. Paul Goodbreath: In The River (pt. 1)

Candace: phone message

Lincoln Fig & The Dates: Way Up

Lincoln Fig & The Dates: Kiss Me Tenderly

Charles LaVerne: The Shoot-'Em-Up Twist

Andy Gordo: Happy Day

Ray Gee & The Counts: Arabic Jazz

Freddie Cannon: of Swan Records

P.J.: Hey Little P.J. Gal

Bobby Guitar: When Girls Do It

unknown: My Lucky Star

The Centars: Weird Turtle

Vic Woodard: My Little Hippie

Vic Woodard & Claudia: Hippie Yippie

audio letter to Maya Angelou: Big Red, Eugene And June Bug (ends abruptly)

The Shenendoah Three: Sundown

The Shenendoah Three: The Ballad Of Marilyn Monroe

The Davis Sisters: Rock-A-Bye Boogie (live)

The Davis Sisters: I Forgot More (live)

The Davis Sisters: Gotta Git A-Goin' (live)

Chet Atkins: Yankee Doodle Dixie (live)

Don Jones: Bigfoot

Ron Solovay: Spud Gun Rock

Ron Solovay: Hey Ezra

Dorsey Burnette: How The Bad Bug Bites (VD PSA)

Jimmy Key: Super Market Day

Little Richard: Little Richard's Testimony

Little Richard: I'm Quitting Show Business (pts. 1 & 2)

Zales: If You're Feeling Groovy (ad)

Ron Sutherland: Psycho Gunner