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Friday, April 30, 2021

My Lucky Stars: cassettes cleanup, vol. 2



Frank Sinatra, Jr. for U.S. Air Force: A Good Deal For A Girl

Raguna Music Box: Whistling Rufus March

Johnny Baker: Rodeo Blues

Johnny Baker: You Ain't In The Click

Bobby Crayne: The Devil's Horns Are Stuck In Me

Paska: Medley (incl. Sunday Bloody Sunday; I Don't Care; Paralyzed Knocking At My Door; Sad Vacation; Igi Bop)

Herb Kensington: Beachcombing

The Talking Record For Girls (excerpt)

The Pollyannas: Satisfied

The Pollyannas: Bermuda

Stubby & Gerry: Beginnings

Iguana-Sound: The Town I Hate

Mel & Dave: Spinning Wheel

Billy Watkins: Schnipple Up

Billy Watkins: Blue Chip Chick

Herman Silver & Cornel Tanassy: Hello Ronnie, Goodbye Jimmy

Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) for U.S. Air Force: Free Flying Lessons

The Kidz: Feel No Pain

David & Rhonda Bean: Something Happened To Daddy

Ramsey Kearney: (Even If It Kills Me) I'll Die Lovin' You

Formica & The Favolosi: Pipeline

Meg Bossert: To Drugs You'll Always Say No

Teenage PhDs: Punk Rock Is Dead

An Important Message From Vivian Vance