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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Johnny Legend presents Fred Blassie in "Geekmania!!"

From an untraceable source:

Geekmania!! is a fully-produced, two-part stereo audio recording produced by Johnny Legend in 1981 as part of the huge national reaction to Fred Blassie's "Pencil Neck Geek" record, at the time the #1 song on the hugely popular Doctor Demento Show. Geekmania!! is a virtual time capsule, focusing primarily on Blassie's classic locker-room interviews, TV and radio appearances from the early to mid '60s. Along the way we are treated to encounters with the likes of Mister Moto; Maniac John Tolos; the Intelligent Sensational Destroyer; the Hangman; Sandor Szabo; George Ringo, The Wrestling Beatle, Regis Philbin and many more, all moderated by Mister "Whoa Nellie" Dick Lane.
Highlights include the night Blassie lost the title to Rikidozan and threatened to go to his close friend President Kennedy; Fred's early appearances on Regis' first local talk show; and Fred and Muhammad Ali on The Tonight Show in 1976 promoting the upcoming Ali/Inoki match. Through the miracle of post-production, Fred squares off with Lee Harvey Oswald himself a few weeks before the fatal assassination! All of this is intercut with popular media of the time, including The Joe Pyne Show, radio spots for movies like Scum Of The Earth and a whole lot more.