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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Atomic Jukebox with Jon - 12 September 2021


Rockin 60s garage, wild rockabilly, female soul, and the women talk back ! AND be sure to listen to the Atomic Jukebox on October 12 when we're gonna have really a lot of Rolling Stones records !



Tommy Tucker And The Esquires - Don't Tell Me Lies

Dee & Tee - Something's Comin'

Mick Jagger - Radio Veronica 12 October spot

Apparitions - She's So Satisfyin'

Brogues - I Ain't No Miracle Worker

Mystics - Snoopy


Billy Lee Riley - Red Hot

Wade Curtiss & The Rhythm Rockers - Crisis (instr)

Tune Tones - Won't Somebody Love Me

Bobby Rambo - Bony Moronie Twist


Sham-Ettes - (Hey There) Big Bad Wolf

Cordella de Milo - I Ain't Gonna Hush

Bootles - I'll Let You Hold My Hand

Belles - Melvin

Bombshells - Treat Her Right


LaVern Baker - Batman to the Rescue

Shirley & Jessie - You Can't fight Love

Shirelles - Coke spot

Gladys Tyler - A Little Bitty Girl

Ruby Lee - I'm Gonna Put a Watch on You


Shadows of Knight - Someone Like Me (mono)

Half Pint & The Fifths - Loving On Borrowed Time

Moguls - Ski Bum

Hush Puppies - Hey, Stop Messing Around


Starfires - Linda