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Friday, November 19, 2021

Ross Perot Speaks Out: Straight Talking Answers To Today's Tough Questions

"Ross Perot, the Texas billionaire who has captured the nation's attention, speaks out in a freewheeling, far-ranging, straight-talking interview with Emmy Award-winning journalist David Frost. Now you can spend an hour with Ross Perot, the man everyone wants to know more about, as he faces off with one of television's toughest interviewers to share his views on the issues at the heart of the American agenda. From the federal deficit, abortion rights, and the presidential election process to the deeply held convictions that shape his personal values, here are the answers to the questions America is asking. More important, here is Perot the man -- in his own words, in his own voice -- in an audio portrait more immediate, intimate, and personally revealing than a stack of cover stories and bestselling instant books. A rare opportunity to hear history in the making, Ross Perot Speaks Out allows you to hear for yourself the man who has America talking -- and what he has to say to us."

1992, Random House Audio cassette