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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Atomic Jukebox with Jon - 12 January 2022

 Attention BOSS RADIO 66 fans : Check out my new episode of the Atomic Jukebox, click here to listen !!! Rockin 60s garage, wild rockabilly, dancin R&B, and a spotlight on Spanish-language 60s garage ! And keep it tuned to BOSS RADIO 66 !!!



Five Canadians - Never Alone

J.J. Lancaster - So Unkind

Royal Flairs - Suicide

Bintangs - Little By Little

Infinitives – Heidi


Los Ampex - Mala reputaciĆ³n

Los Young Beats - Gloria

Los Saicos - Demolicion

Los Sirex - Yo Grito

Los Polares - La Droga


Moody And The Deltas - Everybody Come Clap Your Hands

Sweet Pea Walker - Sweet Pea

Nightriders - Lookin' For My Baby

Cadillacs - Holy Smoke Baby

Bunker Hill - Red Ridin' Hood and the Wolf


Playgue - I Gotta Be Goin'

By Fives - I Saw You Walking

Clue - Bad Times

Legends - I'll Come Again


Lee Dresser and the Krazy Kats - Beat out my love

Montereys - Rockin Fool

Beep Beep & The Roadrunners - Shiftin Gears

Eddie Cash and the Cashiers - Doing All Right


Tony and Charley - Escucha Cowboy