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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

This Week In '66 - Boy Shortage!


With Lynn Peril


The murder of civil rights activist Vernon Dahmer, a small plane dropping  antiwar leaflets over San Francisco and Oakland, and a professor prophesizing an upcoming man shortage—it’s all in the news This Week in ‘66! 

“Mystery Plane; Antiwar Leaflets ‘Bomb’ the City,” Oakland Tribune, January 10, 1966, 1. 

“4 in Unlighted Plane Drop Antiwar Leaflets, Arrested,” The San Bernardino County Sun, January 16, 1966, 3. 

“Youth Turned Out of School,” The San Bernardino County Sun, January 16, 1966, 3. 

“Negro’s home and store burned by nightriders; 3 hurt,” Hattiesburg American, January 10, 1966, 1. 

“Fire Bombs Destroy Home; Negro Leader Burned, Dies,” Chicago Tribune, January 11, 1966, 7. 

“Recalling the Legacy of Vernon Dahmer, Sr.,” Hattiesburg American, January 22, 2016, F1. 

Vernon Dahmer

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