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Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Mal Thursday Show: Ballad in Stereo (Deluxe Edition)

The Unrelated Segments: The Story of My Life
The Magnificent Brotherhood: Lifetime
Plan 9: Flashback
Marshmallow Overcoat: Won't Go Away
The Chocolate Watchband: I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Madd Inc.: I'll Be the One
The Ugly Beats: I'm the One
Tony Colton: I've Laid Some Down in My Time
The Cords: Cords Inc. (bed)
The Easybeats: I'm a Madman
The Fleshtones: I've Gotta Change My Life
The Animals: I'm Gonna Change the World
The Emborooks: I'm Still Trying
The Shoutless: I Tell No Lies
The Grim Reepers: Two Souls
The Greenhornes: Satisfy My Mind
Sir Finks: Boots (bed)
The Cynics: The Ring
The Malarians: Brightness
Thee Eviltones: Eyes
Manfred Mann: The One in the Middle
The Loved Ones: The Loved One/Your Everlovin' Man
The Fleshtones: Hard Lovin' Man
Alan Price: O Lucky Man!
The Saucerians: Her Majesty's Secret Service
The Who: A Legal Matter
The Painted Ship: Little White Lies
The Yardbirds: Little Games
The Scorpions: Too Many Lovers
The Electric Prunes: Are You Loving Me More and Enjoying It Less
The Greenhornes: Saying Goodbye
Barbacoa: Venus in Spurs (bed)
Jim Jones Revue: 512
Symon Grace & The Tuesday Blues: You Won't Get Me Workin'
The Attack: Too Old
The Soundtrack of Our Lives: I'm Still Aging
The Human Instict: Pink  Dawn
The Kinks: Time Will Tell
Flight Reaction: Take Your Time
Jack Nitszche: Rumble
Paul Jones: Privilege

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