Friday, June 24, 2022

Zero Hour!

Peggy King: Zero Hour
The Thundermen: Odyssey
The Citations: Slippin' And Slidin'
Helena Ferguson: My Terms
Helena Ferguson: Where Is The Party
Michael Leslie: (Baby) I Don't Wanna Know
Scars: Horrorshow
Michael Yonkers Band: Boy In The Sandbox
Michael Yonkers Band: Jasontown
The Zombies: Leave Me Be
Johnny Thunder: Love Trip
Johnny Thunder: Power To The People
The Dells: Love Is So Simple
Lady Fox & The Foxettes: It Must Be Love
Ronnie & Joyce: Yes, I'm Falling In Love
The Klowns: If You Can't Be A Clown
Tim Wilde: Popcorn Double Feature
Jim Weatherly: I'm Gonna Make It
Misty Bonner: Watch Me Do The Twist
Misty Bonner: I Can't Sit Still
Danny & The Nightmares: Souvenir
Danny & The Nightmares: Twilight Zone Love
Danny & The Nightmares: Lucifer Tonite
Stonewall Jackson: I Miss You Most In The Wintertime
Theola Kilgore: The Love Of My Man
Alex Chilton: Lovely Day