Monday, February 6, 2023

Aircheck Of The Week


Bob-A-Loo in the sky with you on WABC, just one day before The Beatles arrive in NYC. Originally scoped, the music has been restored by WABC's Johnny Donovan.

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Allan Rosenberg said...

What is Bob-A-Loo referring to when he keeps saying "On the Satellite"? I don't remember WABC having anything to do with satellite broadcasts.

By the way for one year (1965) Bob Lewis had a very hip FM rock show Saturday nights on WABC-FM called "Some Trust in Chariots". First time rock and roll was treated with respect and intelligence on commercial radio in NYC. Damn I miss Bob-A-Loo!

Thank you for posting this, Bob Lewis was of my all-time favorite Disc Jockeys. I must confess I was more of a WMCA fan because of B. Mitchell Reed and it's looser playlist but WABC was the slickest most well produced top forty station around. Some of the all-time great disc jockeys including Scot Muni, Dan Ingram (the best ever!) and the incredibly talented and incredibly irritating Bruce Morrow.

Captain Al