Monday, March 6, 2023

Aircheck Of The Week


This week we go back to 1962 for radio legend The Real Don Steele. Known mainly for his work in Los Angeles, this is Steele early in his career on Omaha's KOIL. 

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Steve D. said...

This is a fascinating aircheck.
Don is playing new decks off the bottom of the KOIL survey. You will not hear "Duke of Earl" on this segment. You will hear Paul Anka and Eddie Holland. (!)
In an era before the saturation of sports on television and radio, there was a serious contention of what would now be characterized "home cooking" in the officiating of the state high school boys' basketball championship game!
There was an advert for soda (7-Up), but none for beer (Falstaff) - maybe that would be later in the day.