Monday, May 29, 2023

Kogar's Jungle Juice Mad Mike Special Pt. 2


With Kogar the Swinging Ape

Kogar’s Jungle Juice #26 Part TWO of my Mad Mike Metrovich tribute! Two MORE hours of amazing Mad Mike Music and airchecks from the moldie oldie VAULTS! This episode features MORE wacked out instrumentals, rockers, rockabilly, 60’s fuzz and (my favorite) whacked out toons of the knuckledragger variety!  Along the way, you’ll hear something that not many people have heard, an acetate from an aircheck featuring a never before released track by Sonny and Premiers! Yow! We’ll also hear a bit about Hanky Panky, The Sonics and how Mad Mike was bigger than the Beatles in Pittsburgh!

Kogar’s Jungle Juice Show #26 Mad Mike Special Part 2
Intro The Revels – It’s Party Time WESTCO
1 Saxons camel walk SHOBIZ
3 The Premieres Firewater NU PHI
4 King Rock and the Knights Send-Di Boss Part 2 ZOOM
5 The Silvertones Get it GOLIATH RECORDS
6 The Vulcans - Shimmy Shuffle FLICK
7 The Coronas All Out Vota CORONA RECORDS
8 Calvin Cool El Tecolote CRC CHARTER
9 the savoys - slappin rods and leaky oil PDQ
10 B.B. Electrode COVER
11 Sonny and the Premiers – China Doll acetate
12 The Cornells - Malibu Surf CAREX

01 little ike - she can rock CHAMPION
02 The Night Raiders Featuring Mickey Hawks Hidi Hidi Hidi PROFILE
03 Big Danny Oliver Sapphire TREND
04 Ervin Rucker Done Done the Slop DUPLEX
05 Eunice Davis Get Your Enjoys DELUXE
06 Mel Williams with the Johnny Otis Orchestra I got Eyes DIG RECORDS
07 Flash Terry Cool It LAVENDER
08 Bobby Lee Trammell Come on Baby ALLEY RECORDS
01 hasil adkins - she said JODY
02 Ronnie Molleen Rockyn Up KING
03 Wailin Bill Dell and the Bachelors You Gotta Be Loose OJ RECORDS
04 Jo Ann Campbell Come on Baby EL DORADO
05 billy adams - you heard me knocking DOT
01 Tommy James and the Shondells Hanky Panky ROULETTE
02 sonics – psycho MAD MIKE MONSTERS – Norton Records
03 The Matches - Gonna Build Myself a Castle JAGUAR
04 J.C.W. Rat Fink Hong Kong Flu KAMA SUTRA
05 The Tulu Babies Hurtin Kind TEMA
01 the gardenias houdini HI-Q
02 James -Red- Holloway Al a Carte MAD
03 Bob Landers with WIllie Joe and his Unitar Cherokee Dance SPECIALTY
04 Boliver Shagnasty (Rusty York) Tapping that Thing QUARTERCASH RECORDS
05 Bob Strauss – Nameless CURTIS RECORDS
06 The Hong Kongs Surfin in the China Sea COUNSEL
07 The Dazzlers Oo Clazy KNICK
08 Chuck Daniels and the classics glass - pal WILCO

Last Song
The Poets Dead FLASH