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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

This Week In '66


With Lynn Peril

This is the week in 1966 when eight young women, six student nurses and two visiting exchange nurses from the Philippines, were murdered by a madman in Chicago. You can read about him elsewhere; here we're going to talk about the victims. Also in the news this week: a pair of May-December marriages draw comparisons. 


“Delmore Schwartz,” New York Daily News, July 14, 1966, 61. 

Freeman, Alex, “How Sinatra’s Kids Feel About His New Bride,” Detroit Free Press, July 31, 1966, 28. 

Getze, George, “Trainers Thump TV Slump; Young Adults Called Flabbiest Generation in Nation’s History,” Los Angeles Times, July 12, 1966, 31. 

Goodyear, Sara Jane, “Hunt for Clews in Killing of Eight Nurses on S.E. Side; Neighbors Tell of Awakening to Tragedy,” Chicago Tribune, July 15, 1966, 1. 

“‘Newlywed Game’ Pits Couples in Daytimer,” The Daily News Leader (Staunton, Virginia), July 8, 1966, 13. 

“The Murder Story Unfolds,” Detroit Free Press, July 16, 1966, 32. 

Wiedrich, Robert, “Detailed Report of Terrible Crime; The 8 Nurses: 5-Hour Killing,” Chicago Tribune Magazine, July 23, 1966, 9. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Atomic Jukebox with Jon - 12 July 2022

Fuzzy 60s garage, wild rockabilly, hot R&B, and a spotlight on the Antipodes ! 

  Rising Suns - I'm Blue
Rogues - It's The Same All Over The World
Unlimited - Feelings
Spires Of Oxford - But You're Gone
Livin' End - Making Time

Tom & The Tornadoes - Long Pony Tail
Sam Hall & The Mor-Loks - Elaine
Lenny And The Thundertones - Hot Ice
Jerry Dallman And The Knightcaps - The Bug
Bracey Everett - The Lover's Curse

Pogs - The Pogs Theme
Missing Links - You're Driving Me Insane
Little Easybeats - Coca Cola spot
La De Das - Jump Back
Steve & The Board ‎- Farmer John
Tony Barber - I Want Her Too

Pretty Boy Don Covay - Switchen' In The Kitchen
Slim Harpo - Little Queen Bee
Little Jerry Williams - Hum Baby
Syl Johnson - Little Sally Walker
Lord Luther - A Thinkin' Man's Girl

Sheep - Hide And Seek
Stags - You Know He Did

Jimmy Soul - Everybody’s Gone Ape

Tributes 02


With Mark Ehmcke

1. Top Of The World - Shonen Knife
2. Some Velvet Morning - The Webb Brothers
3. Ooh Las Vegas - Cowboy Junkies
4. Too Much On My Mind - The Fleshtones
5. 1969 - Joey Ramone
6. All Men Are Liars - Dar Williams
7. Superstar - Sonic Youth
8. Sleep In The Grass - Johnny Dowd
9. One Hundred Years From Now - Wilco
10. She's Got Everything - The Droogs
11. Gimme Danger - Monster Magnet
12. Half A Boy and Half A Man - Sleepy Labeef & CJ Chenier
13. Goodbye To Love - American Music Club
14. Sand - Calvin Johnson & Mark Pickerel
15. Sleepless Nights - Elvis Costello
16. Village Green Preservation Society - Turn To Flowers
17. The Passenger - Lunachicks
18. The Rose Of England - Graham Parker
19. Rainy Days And Mondays - Cracker
20. Sundown, Sundown - Calexico
21. $1000 Wedding - Evan Dando & Juliana Hatfield
22. Cracking Up - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Atomic Rulers Of The World


With The Spookshow Serenade

1. "You will obey them or die. Have a pleasant night's sleep." – Ambassador Phantom (Dialogue from "Prince of Space")
2. Guitars in Space – Billy Mure
3. Silent Screamer – The Dave Myers Effect
4. Surfin' Gypsy – The Black Magic
5. Zulu Stomp – The Brand
6. Albino Bat – The Regents (vocals by Jimmy Jordan)
7. Scalping Party – The Tornados
8. And Then There Were Drums – Sandy Nelson
9. El Baño del Pájaro – Los Shain's
10. "I wish to speak to the mutants." – Princess Dragon Mom (Dialogue from "Infra-Man")
11. Rip It, Rip It Up – Florian Monday and the Mondos
12. Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow – The Rivingtons
13. Party Poppin Pt. 2 – Elliott Shavers
14. Honey Hush – Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'n' Roll Trio
15. The Stinger – Al Casey
16. Watch Your Step – Bobby Parker
17. That's It Man - The Valentines
18. Chica Alborotada – Los Locos del Ritmo
19. "It hurts my head!" – Dialogue from "Invaders from Space")
20. El Scorpion – The Sherwoods
21. Beatnik Bounce – The Beats
22. I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis) – Slim Harpo
23. No Good Lover – Mickey and Sylvia
24. Squat with Me Baby – Rochell and the Candles with Johnny Wyatt
25. Ka-Ding Dong – The G-Clefs
26. Love My Baby – Robbin Ray
27. "Starman seeks out the source…" – Narration from "Invaders from Space"
28. Harlem Nocturne – Flat Duo Jets
29. The Stroll – The Diamonds
30. This Town – Duane Eddy (from "The Cool Ones")
31. The Phantomas – The Jet Black's
32. Beat Party Pt. II – Ritchie and the Squires
33. Big Beat – Eric Delaney's Big Beat Six
34. Drowning – Clark's Combo
35. There's Something at the Bottom of the Well – The Moontrekkers
36. "Those were ordinary sound waves" – Methusan (Dialogue from "Space Giants")

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Songs From The Back Of The Station Wagon - Birthday Edition


With DJ Tom Hanks

Michael Lynch - Tom Hanks!
The Fendermen - Mule Skinner Blues
The Hombres - Little 2+2
Chris & Kathy - Shoot That Curl
Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon - 20th Century Fox
The Kinks - Dancing In The Street
Steppenwolf - At Your Birthday Party LP promo
Gary U.S. Bonds - I Wanta Holler (But the Town's Too Small)
Tonni Kalash - The Boss
Arthur Alexander - Burning Love
Elvis Presley - I'm Coming Home
The Ascots - Hip Talk
Andre Williams - Bacon Fat
King Curtis and the Kingpins - Memphis Soul Stew
Rufus Thomas - Pink Pussycat Wine (WDIA)
Archie Bell & the Drells - Tighten Up
Booker T. & The MG's
Tommy Burk & the Counts - Stormy Weather
The Standells - Try It
Ronnie & the Delinquents - Bad Neighborhood
Terry & the Blue Jeans - Squad Car
Jerry Lee Lewis -It's a Hang Up Baby
Charlie Rich - Midnight Blues
Lesley Gore - No Matter What You Do
Brenton Wood - I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up
Bo Diddley - Bo's Bounce
Michael Lynch - Happy Birthday, Tom Hanks
Ted Taylor - (Love Is Like A) Rambling Rose
Sam The Sham & the Pharaohs - Deputy Dog
Lenny Capello & the Dots - Ninety Pound Weakling
Billy "The Kid" Emerson - A Dancin' Whippersnapper
Bill Doggett - Hold It
Michael Lynch - Boss Of The Airwaves

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Friday, July 8, 2022

July 9th is DJ Tom Hanks Day!


Happy 66 Tom!  Hope it's another bitchin' year!  Thanks to David Helton for the beautiful birthday card.

We Say Yeah Yeah Yeah 01


With DJ Robin Braid

(Opening Theme) We Say Yeah by Cliff Richard & The Shadows

01 The Dakotas - Oyeh
02 The Bubble Puppy - Days Of Our Time
03 Barbara McNair - Lone Lonely Town
04 Joe Tex - You Better Believe It, Baby
05 Gladys Knight & The Pips - Stop & Get A Hold Of Myself
06 Michael Cox - Too Hot To Handle
07 Larry's Rebels - It's Not True
08 Ike & Tina Turner - It Sho Ain't Me
09 Sounds Incorporated - Spanish Harlem
10 The Beatles - Don't Ever Change (Live at the BBC)
11 JoAnn Campbell - You're Driving Me Mad
12 The Spiders - Hey Boy
13 The Mockingbirds - Lovingly Yours
14 Wade Flemons - Easy Lovin'
15 The Tracers - Gloria
16 Guitar Jr. - I Got It Made (When I Marry Shirley Mae)
17 Lonesome Drifter - Eager Boy
18 The Dixie Hummingbirds - I Know I've Been Changed
19 Human Beinz - Nobody But Me
20 The Hollies - King Midas In Reverse
21 Taj Mahal - Take A Giant Step

Thursday, July 7, 2022

The Mal Thursday Show: Summer, Babe 3

Blondie: In the Sun
Carl Hall: Summertime
The Pretty Things: Summer Time
Don Malens & The Dry Ice: Land of Summertime
Rush: Summertime Blues
Kashmere Stage Band: Summertime
The Outsiders: Summer Is Here
The Rolling Stones: Summer Romance
The Zombies: Beechwod Park/Time of the Season
Fountains of Wayne: It Must Be Summer/The Summer Place

Mal Goes to the Movies:
The Beach Boys: The Girls on the Beach
Frankie Avalon: Beach Party/Muscle Beach Party
Bob Summers: It's a Bikini World

Mal Thursday's Texas Tyme Machine:
The Lemon Fog: Summer
SEOMPI: Summer's Comin' On Heavy
Freddy Fender: Sweet Summer Day
The Ugly Beats: Up on the Sun
The Society: Summer Sunset

The Turtles: On a Summer's Day/A Walk in the Sun
The Pretty Things: The Sun
The Kinks: Sunny Afternoon
The Doors: Waiting for the Sun
William Penn & The Quakers: California Sun
Big Jim Sullivan: Sunshine Superman
The Kinks: Rainy Day in June
Brad Jones: Miss July
Question Mark & The Mysterians: Love Me Baby (Cherry July)
Love: August
War: Summer
The Debonairs: Lonely Is the Summer
The Music Explosion: Sunshine Games
Jack Bedient & The Chessmen: Glimmer Sunshine
The Suburban 9 to 5: Sunshine Becomes You
Grand Funk Railroad: Into the Sun
Mungo Jerry: In the Summertime

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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

This Week In '66

With Lynn Peril

Carnival rides collapsing! Fireworks exploding unexpectedly! This Week in ‘66 features Fourth of July mayhem of the old-fashioned kind. Also, three young women went missing during an outing at Indiana Dunes State Park, a case about which I could have said much, much more. 


“3 Women Missing at Dunes Park,” Kenosha News (Kenosha, Wisconsin), July 6, 1966, 1. 

“3 Women Vanish at Dunes Beach,” Chicago Tribune, July 6, 1966, 1. 

“13 Hurt as Ride Collapses, Accident at Carnival is 3rd in 4 Days,” Chicago Tribune, July 5, 1966, 1. 

Baumann, Edward, and John O’Brien, “Vengeance & Violence; Silas Jayne played a role in his brother’s murder and homicide detectives suspect that may have been the tip of the iceberg,” Chicago Tribune Magazine, January 3, 1988, 8. 

“CORE Approves Resolution Calling for End of Nonviolence,” The Los Angeles Times, July 5, 1966, 1. 

Cowgill, John, “Officers Warn of M-80 Military Firecrackers,” Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, Arizona), July 6, 1966, 9. 

“Firecrackers Kill Man 58,” The Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona), July 5, 1966, 1. 

“Fireworks Blast Home; 15 Injured,” Detroit Free Press, July 5, 1966, 3. 

“Freak Accident Kills City Man in Arizona,” Hartford Courant, July 5, 1966, 13.

Gaines, William, “Cop Believes 3 Disappeared Voluntarily,” Chicago Tribune, July 2, 1970, 75. 

Halvorsen, David, “Review Clews on Missing Girls,” Chicago Tribune, July 10, 1966, 5. 

“Heat Chases Mop-Haired Band to Clip,” Chicago Tribune, July 4, 196, 3. 

Jones, Jack, “Will Not Be Anti-White Wilkins Says; NAACP Stands Firm Against, ‘Black Power,’” The Los Angeles Times, July 5, 1966, 3. 

“Many Injured By Fireworks; Five Face Long Hospitalizations,” The Times Herald (Port Huron, Michigan), July 5, 1966, 1. 

“No Sign of Girls Gone 2 Months,” Chicago Tribunes, September 4, 1966, 8.  

“Police Now Think Missing Trio Ran Off,” Chicago Tribune, July 9, 1966, 1. 

“President Apologizes; Filipinos Give BeatlesBums’ Rush for ‘Snub’ to 1st Lady,” The Los Angeles Times, July 6, 1966, 1. 

“Ride Collapses,” The Tipton Times (Tipton, Indiana), July 7, 1966, 6. 

The Charley Project: Patricia Blough, Renee Bruhl, Ann Miller 

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Boss '65


With Mark Ehmcke

1. Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire
2. Bring It On Home To Me - The Animals
3. I'm a Man - The Yardbirds
4. King of the Road - Roger Miller
5. Queen of the House - Jody Miller
6. Voodoo Woman - Bobby Goldsboro
7. I Can Never Go Home Anymore - The Shangri-Las
8. Wooly Bully - Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
9. Steppin' Out - Paul Revere and the Raiders
10. Cara-Lin - The Strangeloves
11. The Name Game - Shirley Ellis
12. The Revolution Kind - Sonny Bono
13. What the New Breed Say - The Barbarians
14. Flowers on the Wall - The Statler Brothers
15. The Birds and the Bees - Jewel Akens
16. Bread & Butter - The Newbeats
17. Everybody Loves a Clown - Gary Lewis and the Playboys
18. It Ain't Me Babe - The Turtles
19. Less of Me - Glen Campbell
20. Look Through Any Window - The Hollies
21. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling - The Righteous Brothers
22. 1-2-3 - Len Barry
23. The In Crowd - Ramsey Lewis Trio
24. Boot-Leg - Booker T and the MG's
25. I Hear a Symphony - Diana Ross and the Supremes

Monday, July 4, 2022

Songs From The Back Of The Station Wagon


Image by Johnny Bartlett

Tune in Saturday, July 9th for an all day marathon with birthday boy, DJ Tom Hanks!  Starting at NOON ET, we'll hear the latest and greatest new show followed by all the archives.  Don't miss it! 

Birthday greets can be sent to P.O. Box 66, Brooklyn, NY, 11218