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    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    On The Air With Greg Cartwright Vol. 4

    DJ'ing at Union Pool (Thanks, Andy!)

    Greg stopped by the Ichiban studios on his way home from the Allentown 45 only Record Fair and played us some of his best tracks.

    1-Sammy Johns & The Devilles - Words Won't Come My Way
    2-Dynettes - New Guy
    3-Sandy Salisbury - Do Unto Others
    4-Troggs - Meet Jaqueline
    5-Grifs - Catch A Ride
    6-Nick Harris & The Sound Barriers - Big Nick
    7-Phil & The Frantics - Til You Get What You Want
    8-Grainger Hunt - Noah
    9-Nobody's Children - Good Times
    10-Countdowns - You Know I Do
    11-David Coleman - Drown My Heart
    12-Majestics - Oasis
    13-Andy Anderson - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
    14-Fabuliers - The Night Belongs To You
    15-Dion - Spoonful
    16-Freddie Haeffner - Steady Me Baby
    17-Lime - Soul Kitchen
    18-Johnny Tropea - Jet Set
    19-Shadden & The King Lears - Baby It's Too Late
    20-Werps - Love Is A Fire
    21-The Entertainers - Ginza
    22-Dick Watson Five - I'll Make It Up Some Other Way
    23-Doc & The Interns - Baby I Know
    24-G.L. Crockett - Every Hour Every Day
    25-Johnny Tropea - Fort Lee Ramble
    26-The Sty-Lettes - Too Far To Turn Around
    27-Emil O'Conner - There's A Time
    28-Wilson Pickett - Baby Call On Me
    29-Beethoven 4 - Sets My Soul On Fire
    30-Converts - Don't Leave Me
    31-Gene Clark - I Found You
    32-Druids Of Stonehenge - Speed
    33-Lloyd Green - Panic (The Trip)

    Tune In!  (mp3)

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    The Polyvinyl Craftsmen said...

    Greg is the most talented bloke working in music today full stop, always great to hear his choices. We love WFMU. Our weekly podcast always features something by Greg. Come and check us out.I've added you to our blogroll, any chance of reciprocating please?